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The Science behind Truck Mounts
I have spent most of my Working adult life, 40 years to be exact, learning Electrical / Mechanical Teletypes in the Arm Forces, to repairing Computers to finally doing something I really like, innovatively designing and fabricating Truck Mounts Carpet cleaning machines for the Floor Care Restoration Industry. 

There are many aspects to building a High Quality / Performance machine. We operate by the Golden Rule, build to "The End Users Specifications" and not like other Manufacturing Companies who just want to save money by using cheap materials and tightly packing Vital Components into a small area covered by suffocating Louvered Covers trapping in Hot Air.

By building this way, takes away from the Serviceability and Performance of your Truck Mount, but also "Short Lives" the Truck Mount's Major Components like the Engine, Blower and Water Pump not to mention all the other smaller components. 
Knowledge is the Strength of what we do.
By going to the links below, will better educate you in making the best decision in choosing the right Truck Mount for the Floor Restoration business.
Here are the Major Considerations in Choosing a Truck Mount:
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